Yes, believe it or not my dolls really do give off positive energy!

😀 How so?  Each one of my handmade dolls are individually blessed with a positive prayer immediately after creation, therefore positive energy is instilled into the doll so that it may release it's positive energy to those around it. Remember negative energy is all around us. Having one of my positive energy dolls will help protect you and your family to have a more positive energy life.

  • Each handmade doll also comes with her own individual name and crafted detail. Simply place your doll on a shelf or preferably a doll stand and let your doll do it's work. Please do not tamper with or remove items from doll, doing so will lesson dolls positive energy. You select the doll that best fit your personality. Please understand that these dolls are not toys, however they do make great birthday and party gifts.

Tina's Dolls

My Dolls are for collectors only! These are not toys and can not be played with!